How Long to Remove Asbestos from my House?

How Long to Remove Asbestos from my House?

How Long to Remove Asbestos from my House?


Due to the great variety of shapes and sizes that asbestos comes in, ranging from roofing tiles to insulation, floor linings, piping and more, the asbestos removal process can be quite complicated. The timeframe for asbestos removal varies greatly, depending on the amount of asbestos that is present and how accessible the area is. Asbestos removal costs also depend largely on the size of the job. Here we discuss how long it will take to remove asbestos.

The first step would be to positively identify the presence of asbestos on your property and to evaluate the risks that it poses. As asbestos ages, it becomes brittle and breaks into shards which are extremely harmful to human health. It is recommended that any suspected asbestos is removed before it becomes old and damaged, to avoid any contamination of the area and any long-term, life-threatening consequences.

Servicing all zones around the greater Cape Town area, CTW Construction Group offers a comprehensive property evaluation, examining all areas of the property for potential asbestos contamination. This process can take a few hours, depending on the space. In some cases, we would need to send off a sample of the material to a laboratory for testing, which will take a few days. Once we are positive that there is asbestos in your building, we will draw up a comprehensive action plan on how to safely remove the asbestos.

The actual asbestos removal process can take up to a few weeks to complete, especially if our team needs to repair the area after removal – for example, new ceiling boards or roof tiles. We try to minimise the impact that removing asbestos has on your business or your family life and in a lot of cases, there is no need to vacate the premises while we operate. We effectively seal off the affected area while we work and follow strict removal procedures, as stipulated by the law. Due to the risk associated with the job, our highly-skilled team has undergone rigorous training, wears specialised protective gear (PPE) and always puts the safety of your family or employees first.

Once we remove the asbestos and contain it in a sealed skip, we safely transport and dispose of the hazardous waste at a specially demarcated dump site that deals with asbestos waste. After removal, we will monitor the area where the asbestos was removed and determine if it is safe to return to.

If you suspect that your property may contain hazardous asbestos that you would like removed, contact Asbestos Removal & Roofing today.

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