Identifying Asbestos

How to Identify Types of Asbestos

Determine when the building was constructed. If the building was constructed between 1920 and 1989, chances are something in the building was constructed with asbestos containing materials.

The easiest method we give people who want to know how to identify asbestos, is to find out when the building was constructed. Asbestos Removal and Roofing also specialises in asbestos guttering removal.

Roofs, gutters, facia boards, walls, flooring, pipes, textured paints, insulation, fireproofing materials, pipes, electric wiring, and even chalkboards could contain various types of asbestos. The three main types are: blue asbestos, white asbestos and brown asbestos.

One cannot determine whether an item contains asbestos just by looking at it. Instead, look for warning signs that construction materials are degrading. Asbestos is not dangerous when it is still in a good condition, but when it starts to break down and the fibres are released into the air.

 it becomes toxic and dangerous to one’s health. When people ask us how to identify asbestos, we advise them to look for signs of older materials that have become worn out or damaged.

Our team will then then determine which types of asbestos is present. White, blue and brown asbestos is the most common types of asbestos used in the construction industry. Blue asbestos, also known as Crocidolite, is the most dangerous of the three.

Disintegrating pipes, insulation, walls, tiles, vinyl flooring, stovetop pads, and other older materials that have been present in the building since its construction are signs to look out for.

One should also test for the presence of all types of asbestos presence if you plan on renovating or replacing old materials. This applies even if materials are still in good condition.  Materials could get disturbed during the construction process and may release hazardous asbestos fibres into the air.

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Our team will inspect your property to determine whether asbestos guttering removal is something you should consider. We also specialise in asbestos roof treatment as well as asbestos testing. We know the dangers when it comes to asbestos roof treatment, therefore we ensure that our team constantly complies with all regulations. If you need a reliable contractor for cleaning an asbestos roof or to identify asbestos, contact Asbestos Removal & Roofing today.


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