What is Roofing and Re-roofing?

The Asbestos Removal & Roofing team also specialises in roof replacement and construction of new roofs.

 Our service offering includes:

  • Complete replacement of residential, industrial and commercial roofs
  • Construction of new residential, industrial and commercial roofs
  • Timber frame construction
  • Trusses
  • Metal sheet roofs
  • Slate Roofs
  • Tiled roofs
  • Lofts
  • Waterproofing
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Reliable Asbestos Removal and Roofing Contractor in Cape Town


The importance of selecting registered asbestos removal and qualified roofing contractors will be discussed. We also look at the best asbestos roof removal price. We provide the best paint for asbestos roof sheets.

The Department of Employment and Labour has very strict guidelines when it comes to the removal and disposal of asbestos. The Asbestos Abatement Regulations, 2020 has to be adhered to by all asbestos contractors in South Africa, especially regarding the occupational health and safety of employees working with asbestos products. 

Asbestos Removal and Roofing is a registered asbestos contractor, and offers asbestos testing, asbestos removal, asbestos disposal and asbestos encapsulation. Furthermore, Asbestos Removal & Roofing are qualified roofing contractors in Cape Town, which has the advantage of having minimum exposure of the contents of a building, as re-roofing can commence while removing asbestos roof sheets. Asbestos Removal and Roofing also focuses on sealing asbestos roof sheets.


Safety for Asbestos Removal and Roofing Contractors


The Asbestos Abatement Regulations, 2020 states that if it suspected that asbestos is present on your property, it is the responsibility of the property owner or employer to ensure that all suspected asbestos-containing materials at the workplace be identified by a competent person (according to the South African Health and Safety Act).  If there is uncertainty whether a suspected material contains asbestos, a sample of that material can be analysed for the presence of asbestos by a laboratory competent to carry out such analyses.  This can be arranged by Asbestos Removal and Roofing.

According to the Asbestos Abatement Regulations, 2020, if asbestos is identified on a property, all materials identified as, or assumed to be, asbestos-containing material, must be entered into an inventory of asbestos in place, which must be kept at the workplace or premises for the replacement for asbestos roof sheets.

Where the removal of asbestos or repair of asbestos-containing material is planned, information in the inventory of asbestos in place must be given to the registered asbestos contractor and Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) before asbestos roof replacement work commences.

Before asbestos roof repair can commence, the Approved Inspection Authority must compile a workplan for the asbestos removal and submit it to the Department of Employment and Labour. Once approval of the workplan is received, work commences, and the AIA monitors the site from commencement of work and at regular intervals to ensure that all the regulations regarding the safety of asbestos workers and other people on the premises are followed. At the completion of asbestos removal, the AIA will perform air monitoring to ensure that airborne asbestos particles are within the legal limits and will only allow occupation when there is no danger to employees or people occupying a space.

All asbestos workers must undergo compulsory annual asbestos health and safety training and will not be allowed on an asbestos removal site by the AIA unless their certificates are current.


To name a few of the asbestos training topics:

  • The correct use of control measures to limit the spread of asbestos dust outside the regulated asbestos area.
  • How to prevent damage to or disturbance of asbestos in place.
  • The appropriate type and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing.
  • The thorough decontamination of equipment.
  • The use of non-destructive wet methods during removal procedures.
  • The demarcation of the regulated asbestos area with approved signage.


To contain hazardous asbestos pollution in the environment a variety of safety measures are actioned by Asbestos Removal and Roofing once asbestos removal commences, such as:

  • All asbestos that is removed is placed on plastic ground sheets to prevent soil pollution.
  • All water generated during asbestos removal is captured and filtered or is disposed of as asbestos waste material.
  • HEPA Filter vacuum cleaners are used to remove microscopic asbestos fibres.
  • Occupational hygiene air monitoring is conducted by the AIA during asbestos removal to determine asbestos exposure of asbestos workers and other persons on site. Air sample records will be kept and be available for inspection by the Department of Employment and Labour.
  • When airborne asbestos particles outside the regulated Asbestos area exceed 0,01 fibre/ml, work will stop, and the demarcated boundary will be extended accordingly. The asbestos removal process will be investigated to determine the reason for the increase in asbestos fibres and remedial action will be implemented promptly.


As a roofing contractor, Asbestos Removal and Roofing are often confronted with complex problems relating to asbestos roofs.  One such example is a recent homeowner in Cape Town that decided to clean his residential asbestos roof with a high-pressure water hose.  The result was that the brittle asbestos roof started disintegrating and asbestos fibres contaminated his and neighbouring properties.

Due to Asbestos Removal and Roofing being roofing contractors as well, all additional South African Occupational Health and Safety legislation relating to the roofing and construction industry is adhered to, such as working at heights medicals, that certify that our roofing team has been cleared and every team member is medically fit to work at heights.

Asbestos Removal and Roofing is one of the most reliable, safest, and affordable choices for removal and disposal of Asbestos and is renowned as expert roofing contractors in Cape Town. Asbestos Removal and Roofing provides the best asbestos roof treatment.


We offer the best asbestos roof replacement cost in the Western Cape


Our team will inspect your property to determine whether asbestos roof replacement is something you should consider, or perhaps all you need is paint for asbestos roof sheets. We also specialise in asbestos guttering removal as well as asbestos testing. We know the dangers when it comes to asbestos roof treatment, therefore we ensure that our team constantly complies with all regulations. If you need a reliable contractor for cleaning an asbestos roof or to do asbestos roof repair, contact Asbestos Removal & Roofing today.


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Asbestos Removal and Roofing is a Cape Town-based company specialising in the safe and effective removal and disposal of all friable and bonded asbestos.



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